Building an IoT End to End Service in One Hour
Using the Raspberry Pi, Windows IoT Core and Azure IoT Suite
Join us at Microsoft Headquarters in Reading where we are holding an exclusive workshop as part of the AzureCraft day. You will get the chance to build an IoT service using the Raspberry Pi, Windows IoT Core and Azure IoT Suite. Your workshop will be guided by technical experts from Microsoft who show you how to build an end to end service to connect and manage any device all within a dedicated Tech Lab!

Note: There will also be a prize for anyone that can complete the lab session within 1 hour! For anyone that proposes to continue using the kit to develop a project and share their story will have a chance to keep the kit!

Not only are you invited to our hands-on workshop, but you will also have the chance to access free training, play with the latest technology, games and devices from Microsoft and community partners throughout the AzureCraft day.
This day is dedicated to Tech Innovators & Entrepreneurs of all ages - from Kids to Professional Developers and Makers and will be held at the amazing Microsoft Headquarters in Reading.
You will learn
How to connect devices and data to build an end to end IoT service.
An introduction to Azure IoT Suite and learn how to build an Internet of Things service.
How to use the Windows IoT Core and Azure IoT Suite

Please bring a PC with Windows 10 and Visual Studio installed. (IoT sensor kits with Fez Hats, Raspberry Pi’s and Windows IoT Core and Azure Passes for $100 of free cloud services will be provided).


Visual Studio Update 1 – Community Edition 
NOTE: If you choose to install a different edition of VS 2015, make sure to do a Custom install and select the checkbox Universal Windows App Development Tools -> Tools and Windows SDK.

Windows IoT Core Project Templates
Alternatively, the templates can be found by searching for Windows IoT Core Project Templates in the Visual Studio Gallery or directly from Visual Studio in the Extension and Updates dialog (Tools > Extensions and Updates > Online).

*Make sure you’ve enabled developer mode in Windows 10 by following these instructions.


To register your devices in the Azure IoT Hub Service and to monitor the communication between them you need to install the Azure Device Explorer. Follow this link to download the SetupDeviceExplorer.msi file.

The Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard allows you to easily discover and access your tiny devices running Windows IoT Core 10.0.10586 version or later. You can download this dashboard from here.

Windows 10 is needed for this lab, however, we will also explain how you can connect other devices and data using Azure.

Download the lab here.

We also strongly reccomment attendees have a good knowledge of programming before attending the workshop.
Workshop Instructor
Amy Nicholson
Technical Evangelist

Amy is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft having obtained a degree in Computer Science. She is passionate about Machine Learning, IoT and Data Science, and is always keen to share expertise with individuals and organisations.

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