Robotics Tech today and Beyond
Talks by Microchip, NXP and Shadow
Date and time : Thu 07 Mar 2019, 6:15 pm - 9:30 pm
Venue : Cocoon Networks, 4 Christopher St, London EC2A 2BS
Limited to : 300 participants
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Learn how robots are changing our world
Robots are already in use everywhere. There is no doubt that robotics technology has been reported as the most innovative and disruptive across industries. Join us on the 7th of March to learn more about how robotics is shaping the high tech landscape directly from:

- A leading provider of micro-controller and analog semiconductors, providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applications worldwide (Microchip).
- The fifth-largest non-memory semiconductor supplier and co-inventor of Near Field Communication technology (NXP).
- One of Britain’s longest-running robotics firms and the leading experts for technology around grasping and manipulation for robotics (Shadow Robot Company).

See agenda below for full info about the speakers.

Drinks will be served throughout the night.
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Guest speakers
Luca Cattaneo
Sr Principal Engineer
Gordon Padkin
Regional Marketing Manager
Shadow Robot Company
Rich Walker
Managing Director
Speaker 1: Luca Cattaneo, Sr Principal Engineer at Microchip

Talk Title: FPGA enabled smart embedded vision
About the speaker: Luca Cattaneo joined the FPGA BU in 2000 as high-level design specialist and served the company in various technical positions before taking on his current role in2013. Luca brings over27 years’ experience in HW architectures & design, ASIC/FPGA, and standards in several market sectors Consumer, Industrial, Military, Space. Prior to joining, Luca was a senior member in the R&D department of Lucent Technologies & Bell Labs. Luca has several granted patents and holds a Master of science in Electronics Engineering fromPolytechnic of Milan, Italy.
About the company: Microchip Technology is an American manufacturer of micro controller, memory and analog semiconductors. Microchip serves over 70,000 customers in more than 65 countries who are designing high-volume embedded control applications in the consumer, automotive, office-automation, communications and industrial-control markets worldwide. Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, the company offers outstanding technical support along with dependable delivery and quality.

Speaker 2: Gordon Padkin, Regional Marketing Manager at NXP

Talk Title: Industrial Automation & Edge Computing
About the speaker: Gordon has been working in the semiconductor industry all through his career with a focus on microcontroller from 8- 16- to 32bit and has worked with a range of customers developing solutions for a wide variety of different end applications.
About the company: NXP is focused on transforming edge computing for our customers' industrial automation & robotics. They do this by delivering solutions with levels of processing efficiency while still ensuring they can address developer requirements for low latency, high levels of safety & security which are vital components in today's connected systems. The main benefit of extending the performance of the edge node in industrial automation & robotics is that it will help streamline processes, improve production yields & improve quality. During this session, they will share some examples of the latest embedded processors that are transforming edge computing along with the complete hardware & software ecosystem that developers can leverage, too.
Industrial Control for Automation Technology – NXP ICC

Speaker 3: Rich Walker, Managing Director at Shadow Robot Company

Talk Title: Advanced Teleoperation for Nuclear Decommissioning Tasks
About the speaker: Rich Walker has worked in robotics for over 20 years and leads the team at Shadow who are developing new robots/applications for robotics.He’s active in developing and implementing European (FP7 and now Horizon 2020) andTSB/Innovate UK projects. He sits on the on the Innovate UK “Robotics and Autonomous Systems” SIG Advisory Board, which lets him influence the direction the UK takes in robotics in a way that makes sense to SMEs and innovators, as well as being a Director of EuRobotics, and various EPSRC and University networks and committees around robotics.
About the company: Shadow Robot Company designs and manufactures state-of-the-art anthropomorphic robot hands & related systems. They're one of Britain’s longest-running robotics firms and the leading experts for technology around grasping and manipulation for robotics. They have over 20 years experience of Innovate UK and European research projects (FP7 and H2020) as researcher, developer and end-user. Shadow’s broad expertise in robotics allows their engineers to engage in unique projects, helping their clients solve difficult problems through bespoke systems.
The Shadow Smart Grasping System
Grasping different objects quickly

6:15 pm
Attendee check-in, drinks and networking.
6:50 pm
Event opening.
7:00 pm
Talk and Q&A: FPGA enabled smart embedded vision
Luca Cattaneo - Sr Principal Engineer at Microchip
7:20 pm
Talk and Q&A: Industrial Automation & Edge Computing
Gordon Padkin - Regional Marketing Manager at NXP
7:40 pm
Talk and Q&A: Advanced Teleoperation for Nuclear Decommissioning Tasks
Rich Walker - Managing Director at Shadow Robot Company
8:00 pm
Community announcements: This is the time for you to share with the rest of the room what you are working on or make any sort of announcement you like. You have 2 minutes max for a short shoutout.
8:20 pm
Drinks and networking.
9:30 pm
Event ends.
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