3 hour workshop
optimising IOT PRODUCTS
for longer battery life
Applications close on 19.11.17 at 11pm
This workshop is limited to 30 selected attendees. You must apply to participate. If your application is successful you will receive an email confirmation after the 15.11.2017. This will include the link to book your free ticket, although a non-refundable booking fee of £15 will be charged to limit drop-outs.
Date and time
30 November 2017, 15:30 - 19:00

Cocoon Networks, 4 Christopher Street, London, EC2A 2BS
Hosted by
Qoitech (a Sony Group company)

Limited to
30 participants
Qoitech, a Sony Group company has teamed up with Hardware Academy to present one of their latest technologies, Otii
The solution has been created to revolutionise the way you measure, analyse, emulate and profile batteries in your IoT device.

By joining this workshop you will learn the importance of characterising and optimising the power profiles of IoT products for longer battery life and will discover that there are simple yet effective ways of doing that throughout the whole R&D process.

All of the selected participants will also receive an exclusive discount for themselves and/or their company to purchase Otii at a early bird rate throughout November and December.
LEARN how to prolong the battery life
of your IoT device.
Otii is a new tool for developers to use during the development of battery driven devices and apps.
What you'll learn
How to characterise power consumption of your IoT device in a quick and straightforward way.
How to debug power consumption of your IoT device.
The benefits of Qoitech´s Otii tool for prolonging the battery life of your IoT device.
How to work with power optimization on daily basis for best in class products.
Who is this workshop for?
software engineers
embedded engineers
The workshop is designed for professionals with a technical background (developers, embedded engineers, software engineers, CTOs, tech team leaders) who are looking for a more efficient (and more affordable) way to optimise energy consumption in their apps and IoT devices.
Arrival and registration.
Event opening. Intro about Hardware Academy community.
Workshop session.
Talk and Q&A: "[Talk Title]".
[Speaker Name] - [Speaker Role] at [Company Name]
Talk and Q&A: "[Talk Title]".
[Speaker Name] - [Speaker Role] at [Company Name]
Talk and Q&A: "[Talk Title]".
[Speaker Name] - [Speaker Role] at [Company Name]
Community announcements and demos: This is your time. If you would like to share what you are working on with the community or make any sort of announcement. You have 2 minutes max for a short shoutout.
Networking and drinks.
Event ends.
- Your own laptop (Win/MacOS/Ubuntu) with at least one USB port available and your own Micro USB cable.

- Your own IoT device (check the tech spec of Otii to see if it matches). For those without possibility to bring their own IoT device an Arduino Mini will be provided during the workshop.

- Battery connectors accessible on your IoT device 
( preferably bring you own banana plug power cables).

- UART Tx exposed as 0.64mm square pin on your IoT device is highly recommended.
Create an account here prior the worshop. 
Check the Otii tech spec to check fit with your IoT device
No particular download required.
Check the Otii tech spec to check fit with your IoT device
Submit your question to the experts (optional)
Is there any particular topic you would like to cover during the event?
Or a question you’d like our panel of experts to answer?
About the instructors
Qoitech (Sony Group Company)
Werner Johansson
Tech Lead
Qoitech (Sony Group Company)
Björn Rosqvist
Master HW and Embedded Designer
Sony Europe (SES)
Steve Beck
GM of Telecoms R&D (IoT focus)
Werner Johansson, Tech Lead at Qoitech (Sony Group Company)
Werner is specialised in firmware development, debugging and optimization, security and cryptography, CPLD/FPGA design, printed circuit board design, surface-mount component soldering/assembly. He likes virtual machines and hardware with high level of software control. The stereo microscope, digital storage oscilloscope, logic analyser, USB analyser, software-defined radio transceiver, reflow oven, tiny tweezers and the espresso machine are some of his favourite tools.
Björn Rosqvist, Master HW and Embedded Designer at Qoitech (Sony Group Company)
Maker-style engineer. Extensive experience from system design to manufactured, tested and ready PCBA's.
Embedded low level SW and scripting.
Steve Beck, GM of Telecoms R&D at Sony Europe (SES)
30 years in IC design across a range of applications, current focus is R&D of silicon solutions and supporting design services for IoT devices.
About the product / platform / hosting company + Resources
About Otii
The Otii solution is a groundbreaking tool for developers to use during development of battery driven devices and apps. It consists of a hardware measuring device and a comprehensive software platform that measures energy usage in real time, displaying software log in combination with graphics of energy usage on the screen for optimal debugging.The solution is cross platform compatible and requires minimal set-up. Record and display measurements and logs for comparison and regression testing. Save, share and collaborate on the projects with team members and suppliers. The premium version of Otii offers add-ons such as customizable battery profiles, scripting and automatization.
About Qoitech (Sony Group)
Qoitech is a Sony Group company. The team is based in Lund, Sweden, with over twenty years’ experience in developing energy optimized smart devices for the global telecom market. We believe that any developer (be it hardware or software), anywhere in the stack and anywhere in an R&D project, should have the means to optimize the energy consumption of  their device, contributing to a product with longer and reliable battery life. Qoitech is home of Otii, easy-to-use, affordable, all-in-one developer tool for energy optimization of IoT devices and apps.
Getting your Edison to read sensor data
Code Samples.
When and where
Date and time
Thu 30 November 2017
15:30 - 19:00

Cocoon Networks, 4 Christopher Street, London, EC2A 2BS
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