the industrial iot revolution
Talks by Avnet, Xilinx, Würth Elektronik and ThingWorx
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Date and time
Thu 13 July 2017, 18:30 - 21:30

Cocoon Networks, 4 Cristopher St, London EC2A 2BS
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Guest speakers
Avnet, Xilinx, Würth Elektronik and ThingWorx

Limited to
200 participants
We are thrilled to have with us four leading companies in the Industrial IoT sector who will share with us invaluable knowledge and great insights about the present and future of IIoT. Join us on the 13th of July to learn from:

- The largest distributor of electronic components in the world (Avnet).
- The leading provider of All Programmable semiconductor products, including FPGAs, SoCs, MPSoCs, RFSoCs, and 3D ICs. (Xilinx).
- One of the leading manufacturers of electronic and electromechanical components, printed circuit boards and PCB-based intelligent power & control systems (Würth Elektronik).
- The platform which connects disparate devices and applications, providing a single source for all industrial automation data in IoT solutions (ThingWorx).

See agenda below for full info about the speakers.

Drinks will be served throughout the night.
Guest Speakers
John Jones
Director of Innovation
Bob Tait
Channel Demand Creation
Würth Elektronik
Glen Wallis
Technical Manager UK
John Chambers
Partner Director EMEA
Speaker 1: John Jones, Director of Innovation at Avnet

Talk Title: "Edge to Enterprise IoT"
About the speaker: John has over 15 years’ experience taking connectivity technology to market. His experience expands beyond connectivity to telecoms infrastructure and services for edge to enterprise IoT.  He was co-founder of one of the first M2M virtual network operators, and is now helping define new business models for IoT support platforms.
About the company: Avnet is the world's largest distributor of electronic components and embedded solutions and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. In July 2010, the company purchased Bell Microelectronics for $631 million, at the time the largest acquisition in the company's history. The key to Avnet's long-term success is its supply chain management solutions, which include forecasting component demand, distribution management, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Just in Time delivery.
Video: Jon Johnes presents Avnet Visible Things - Reference platform for edge to enterprise IoT projects
Video: The History of Avnet

Speaker 2: Bob Tait, Channel Demand Creation at Xilinx

Talk Title: "Enabling the Industrial IoT Revolution"
About the speaker: Bob is responsible for managing global and local customer expansion and revenue growth strategies and programs with the Xilinx global network of Distributors. He coordinates with Marketing, Product and Market Segment teams to ensure timely and effective go to market plans. Bob also manages field and coop marketing programs in EMEA, India and ANZ.
About the company: Xilinx is the leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs, MPSoCs and 3D ICs. Xilinx uniquely enables applications that are both software defined, yet hardware optimised – powering industry advancements in Cloud Computing, SDN/NFV, Video/Vision, Industrial IoT and 5G Wireless.
Video: Shaping the Future of Industrial IoT – Dan Isaacs, Director of Connected Control at Xilinx
Video: Powered by Xilinx: Embedded Vision and I-IoT Highlights

Speaker 3: Glen Wallis, Technical Manager UK at Würth Elektronik

Talk Title: "IoT and the need for EMC"
About the speaker: Glen is the Head of Wurth Elektronik UK Technical Team and has over a decade worth of hands on EMC testing experience from one of the UK leading test labs. 
About the company: With 16 production locations worldwide, Würth Elektronik is one of the most successful companies of the Würth Group. Würth Elektronik operates internationally with its three company areas in various markets: Electronic & Electromechanical Components, Circuit Boards and Intelligent Systems.
Video: Würth Elektronik eiSos Image Movie
Article: Würth Elektronik eiSos acquires AMBER wireless GmbH

Speaker 4: John Chambers - Partner Director EMEA at ThingWorx

Talk Title: "Partnerships for the Industrial IoT"
About the speaker: Psychologist turned Sales Guy/Tech enthusiast. Working for one of the leading Industrial IoT Platform having worked in Telco and IoT Roles for 10 years. Personally interested in how technology can support physical health outcomes through behaviour change but his day job is working with ThingWorx Major Partners who use the platform to build IoT Solutions.
About the company: ThingWorx, a PTC Technology, provides the leading Internet of Things (IoT) application platform and development tools with the most advanced cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and machines.
Video: Vital Herd and ThingWorx Powering an IoT Ecosystem 
Video: Why ThingWorx Was Founded

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Networking and drinks.
Event opening.
Talk and Q&A: "Edge to Enterprise IoT"
John Jones - Director of Innovation at Avnet
Talk and Q&A: "Enabling the Industrial IoT Revolution"
Bob Tait - Channel Demand Creation at Xilinx
Talk and Q&A: "IoT and the need for EMC"
Glen Wallis - Technical Manager UK at Würth Elektronik
Talk and Q&A: "Partnerships for the Industrial IoT"
John Chambers - Partner Director EMEA at ThingWorx
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Cocoon Networks - 4 Cristopher St, London EC2A 2BS
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